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 Proudly serving East Tennesse

Personalized Vending Services Tailored To Meet Your Needs

About Us

Here At Cam's Snacks Vending, we strive to provide the best quality vending services in Lenoir City and surrounding areas of East Tennesse by providing always fresh snacks, beverages, candy, and toys in our vending machines.


We are always on call awaiting any and all service calls from our valued clients!

Cam's Snacks Vending is a locally owned and operated vending company based out of East Tennesse.

Providing quality vending services and equipment to Tennesse businesses including soda, snacks, candy, toys, arcades, and ATMs. Our equipment is clean & reliable to meet the standards of any business!

We have a variety of vending and amusement machines available to fit your specific needs. Our machines are always well kept and filled with any kind of snacks, beverages, candy, and toys that you desire!

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